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Our Results Speak for Themselves. 

For previous clients, we’ve achieved extraordinary results.  What can we do for you?

Some examples:
- Increased sales by 40%, doubling the customer base
- Added $15mm/yr in sales to a company that started at $7mm
- Achieved 100% Sales Increase ($1 mm/yr)
- Increased product acceptance rate to 98%.
- Optimized production of 7,000 P/Ns
- Increased sales by $3mm in two years.
- Added five key customers, resulting in a 25% sales increase.
- Brought in 50% ($5-7mm) of one company’s annual sales

Not just sales, but smart business.

Here are ways we can help your company:

Representation - 20 years experience selling over $100 million of Manufacturing Services into the OEM market for high tech products

Program Management - We excel at all levels of planning, execution, and follow up, including full documentation overview and effective problem solving

Consulting on Sales Strategy - We'll travel to your facilities and learn your operations and put a plan together. If we end up deciding to work together, you will already have seen the value that we can bring your organization. If we don’t end up working together now, I’ll write it off to meeting a good team of people.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you about how we can help grow your business. 


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